7 Most Disappointing Apple Products Released in the 21st Century

It’s no secret that Apple is one of the most successful technology companies of this century. The fantastic number of sales is one of the reasons. Since 2007, Apple has even succeeded in selling up to 2 billion iPhones and is predicted to continue to grow in the years to come.

Despite having many successful products, in fact not all Apple products end up like that. There are some who actually fail for various reasons, ranging from unattractive designs to overpriced prices. Here are 7 of them.

1. iPod Shuffle (2005)

The iPod Shuffle may be a success in terms of revenue, but there are many factors that make it also a failure. The iPod Shuffle was designed as a more affordable iPod alternative. This low price can be achieved because the iPod Shuffle removes the screen. That means that in the absence of a screen, users can’t search for songs individually like on an iPod. If you want to listen to a particular song, you have to listen to the prefix of each song until you find it.

2. Magic Mouse (2009)

Instead of presenting a scroll wheel like a mouse in general, through the Magic Mouse, Apple decided to use multitouch input not only for support for scrolling up and down, but also four-way control. Although interesting, Magic Mouse failed because the design is too flat so it is not very comfortable when used. Not only that, Apple has also placed the charging port at the bottom, making it unusable while charging.

3. Mac Pro (2013)

When Apple unveiled the 2nd generation Mac Pro in 2013, many people were surprised by the design changes it brought. Instead of having a “normal” shape, the Mac Pro at that time actually came with a different cylindrical design. Although attractive and anti-mainstream in terms of appearance, Mac Pro is not free from problems. Due to the design, the options for upgrading components such as CPU and GPU are very limited and expensive. In addition, Mac Pro also often experiences problems such as overheating which has an impact on performance.

4. MacBook 12 inch (2015)

In 2015, Apple released the MacBook. Although the laptop with a 12-inch screen comes with a thin and compact design, its performance is not worth the price. At that time, the MacBook was powered by an Intel Core M processor which incidentally was more suitable for use on tablets instead of laptops. As a result, the performance provided by the MacBook is less than optimal. Although it can be used smoothly for browsing or writing papers in Word, the MacBook is very difficult, especially to run heavy applications.

5. Siri Remote (2015)

Apple is often seen as a brand that prioritizes form over function and after releasing the Siri Remote in 2015, it’s easy to see why many think of Apple that way. The Siri Remote does have a sleek and minimalistic design, but as a result, it’s hard to tell which side is up and down without looking at it first. The implementation of the trackpad for directional navigation deserves appreciation, but unfortunately, it is not user-friendly for most users.

6. HomePod (2017)

2017 was the year that Apple finally entered the smart speaker market with the HomePod. With the HomePod, Apple tried to compete with other smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, but unfortunately, that effort didn’t work. One of the reasons the HomePod failed is that its digital assistant Siri, not as smart as the Echo’s Alexa. In addition, the HomePod also has a high price, which then makes the Echo a more attractive option to buy. In 2021, Apple officially stopped production of the HomePod.

7. AirPods Max (2020)

In appearance, the AirPods Max does look like an attractive product, especially with its outstanding audio quality and features such as noise-cancellation . However, brands like Sony and Bose have headphones that have better audio quality at a lower price. Also, unlike most wireless headphones, the AirPods Max doesn’t have a power button and comes with a case that doesn’t offer any protection.


That was the review of some of the most disappointing Apple products released in the 21st century. Have you ever owned or used one of the Apple products above?


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