5 Unique Facts of GTA: San Andreas, True Fans Must Know!

GTA: San Andreas can be said to be a memorable GTA seriesin the hearts of players. Many players seem to be able to recall their beautiful moments when playing this game, such as trying various types of cheats , repeating the same mission, shooting as many people as possible, to looking for trouble with the police.

In addition to memorable gameplay , GTA: San Andreas also has some unique facts that players shouldn’t miss! Check out the unique facts of GTA: San Andreas, come on!

  1. The only GTA series that can change the main character’s body shape

Yes! You didn’t read it wrong. If you compare it with other GTA series, such as GTA Vice City, GTA IV, GTA Liberty City , or GTA V , your character’s body will remain just like that.

However, unlike GTA: San Andreas , you can exercise to make your character’s body strong or eat as much as you want until you become obese. Changing your character’s body shape will give you some interesting things, like affecting your movement speed or getting comments from other people about your appearance.

2. The number 69 scattered all over the city

When you play GTA: San Andreas , you will often see the number 69 almost everywhere, you can find it above the airfield, in front of shop doors, on billboards , in the name of a place, in magazines, and so on. .

Many people think that this number is just a small humor with a sexual impression embedded by the developer, Rockstar Games. This is only natural considering that GTA is classified as a game full of crime and adult things.

3. Being chased by the police? Just change your clothes or hair to make your stars disappear fast!

You don’t have to bother typing any cheats when being chased by the police. You can remove the wanted level by changing clothes or hair.

This fact is of course practical for the majority of players, especially when it comes to completing missions that risk getting a wanted level. One of those missions is to become an impromptu cop on a vigilante mission .

4. The photographer who always kills himself by going to the river

Many players think that this unique phenomenon is a glitch that the developer forgot to fix. You can find this scene on the side of the road between the Flint Intersection and Back O’Beyond.

As you approach the area, you will meet a photographer. When he finished photographing the scenery, he would walk into the water and drown by himself.

5. Most selling PlayStation 2 games

GTA: San Andreas is a game that managed to achieve sales of approximately 17.4 million copies for the PlayStation 2. This makes GTA: San Andreas the best-selling game of the heyday of the PlayStation 2.

GTA: San Andreas managed to get a number of prestigious awards at that time. Meanwhile, some of these prestigious awards are Game of The Year from the Spike Video Game Awards, Outstanding Achievement in Soundtrack from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Science, Best Animation from the BAFTA Awards, and so on.


GTA: San Andreas will always be a nostalgic game for fans. Not surprisingly , GTA: San Andreas can be enjoyed anytime, maybe even forever.


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